Saturday, November 13, 2010

Petsmart National Adoption Weekend!

Okay so I'm pretty sure it's more like two full weeks but...It's national adoption weekend (two weeks)!!! If anyone knows anything other than I love to read it's that I LOVE animals, way more than the average person, just ask my friends and family. I have a problem but oh well. So first a little on my own dogs. We have an 8 year old Bishon that we bought from a breeder named Zoe, she is the sweetest dog that I have ever met, and I am honestly not just saying that because she's my dog. She just has the sweetest nicest disposition that I have ever seen in a dog. My next dog is a 1 year old Teddy Bear that we named, yes from Twilight, Esme. We actually found her on and adopted her, it was very unexpected but we all love her puppy personality that she brings to the family. It's pretty funny because Zoe has never really been around other dogs so it was a big change for her but Esme was attached to Zoe from the second she entered our house. Zoe is Esme's best friend but Esme is certainly not Zoe's. Zoe isn't mean to her or anything but she could do without her, if you know what I mean. Esme would have some major melt downs if Zoe left for a while, and she'd need some serious treatment. Now I love love love big dogs so I've been trying to convince my parents to get me, at least a little bit of a bigger dog before I graduate and go to college, unfortunately they are not breaking...yet. But there's still two more years and lots of dogs that need good homes. Until then I thought that I would do my part to help all the dogs and animals that need good homes.

But anyway, I thought I'd do my part to promote adoption for not only this weekend, but in the future as well. So I thought that I'd put at least one profile of an animal, mostly dogs but I hope to have cats, horses, and lots of other animals too, on this blog. I want to do my part to help, as well as hopefully getting to volunteer at a local shelter. I'll try to spread the ares where these dogs (animals) are out so hopefully it'll be a possibility that they'll be adopted! My next post will come very shortly and be on a dog and a cat, if not more than one or other animals! So please, if you, or someone you know, are thinking of getting another pet or possibly have room, please please please consider adopting a lifelong friend! I promise it'll be worth it!


  1. This is really awesome Kate! I LOVE animals too. I'm actually studying to be a Vet Tech at the moment. I love to see dogs, cats, and really any animals finding a good home. Good Luck at the shelter, but be careful not all animals find that special home. If I could I'd buy every dog and cat that needed a home!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I too would take in all the dogs, cats, horses, pigs, goats, and any animal really in, if I could. For now I'm just trying to spread the word and hopefully help some animals find good homes. I know that it isn't always a happy ending but we can try right? I'm actually hoping to fall in love with a bigger dog there and make my mom let me get him/her. That's the plan anyway, well see how that works out. :) That's great that your being a Vet Tech, I would be but science isn't exactly my forte.

  3. Thanks I did not know that this was going on. I did not adopt a animal but I did save too small kittens that were roaming around by themselves at my aunts house. They are now I healthy size. :)

    New follower my dear.

    Mad Scientist


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