Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog Dating No's

Most of you are probably wondering why the title of this post is Blog Dating No's well I have a confession, the relationship between me and my blog has been on the rocks for quite some time. We are apart for a while then get together for a while to flirt and tease one another before taking another long break (repeat cycle) . And I feel like such a horrible person because it's not my blogs fault but mine! My blog has done nothing wrong but sit and wait for me to come back and post. Well I'm back from exams, yes I know most of you are saying to yourselves "back again? really?". Well yes, back again. I know most of you are thinking "how long is this going to last before another relapse?" Well if I stay away this time I promise that I will attend the-lack-of-blogging anonymous, for bloggers of course. (Okay this is me trying to be funny and lighten the mood so if I sound crazy I promise this is just a lame attempt to bring back my loyal followers and hopefully some new ones!)Anyway I feel like a commitment needs to be made before we continue with anymore posting. So I, Kate, blogger of Read After Your Bedtime Book Reviews, swear to:

1.)Blog more! Yes, I promise this time, it's summer and NO SCHOOL! I have actually read two books in more short summer time already! I am so excited not to touch another book for school, except for my three for summer reading, which actually do not sound to horrible. So back from my babble, MORE POSTING! YAH!

2.) I promise to participate in more memes. I am not sure how you all like these but I like reading peoples.

3.) I have lots of new cool ideas that are more or less just going to be random thought posting as well as talking about books in general to bring in more discussion.

4.) I promise to make my reviews more exciting and not as school summery/essay-ish. I just got into such a bad habit this year but just because my school essays have to be full of information from every single source on this earth and therefore can be kind of dull, does not mean my reviews have to be that way. Therefore my reviews will be more fun and full of sarcasm, because that's just the way I am. (Written with sarcasm)

5.) And lastly I promise to start my construction. Okay so this is a tough one because I actually have tried to do this one. I went to those websites that are all about blog design and......I have no idea what those people are talking about, maybe it's just me.....yeah, it's probably just me but when they say look for this <5ghtis814hl.;psd> (Not actual example) (also with sarcasm not at you but at myself) I swear I spend a good 20 minutes of looking and changing things (only to go and see my changes and realize that, yes indeed, I just deleted this or changed that. Then I get mad and have to go back and fix what I just did and well, it's just not a good afternoon when I try to do those things. But lucky my brother who is pretty savvy with all this stuff said he would help me, although that was a very generic answer so we may be able to expect that help in a few years. Just kidding, me and my newly found sarcasm. Just to let you know my sarcasm is only saved for my friends, everyone else thinks I am a very sweet kind and nice person, and I am not just saying that. In eighth grade we did this thing where we all put papers on our backs and people wrote what they thought of us without us knowing until the end when we all looked, and that is pretty much what the paper said "nice and kind". Anyway please don't take my sarcasm personally it's just another attempt at me being funny. Back on track sometime over the summer I should have a new blog! It may take a while, both the construction and the beginning of the construction. But it will happen!

If you actually read all that, WOW, you are amazing! And thank you! I know I tend to drag on a bit, as well as getting distracted. So if you are still here I Kate promise to do all of these five things and commit to my blog! Hopefully you all will like the 180 my blog will be going through this summer! I'm doing it for you guys!

(I apologize, my title was a little misleading I guess to make up for that here are the blog dating no's!)

1.) Do not neglect your blog.
This is the number 1 NO! No one is happy when a blog is neglected. First off your followers are not happy and can lose interest. Which of course is not a good thing because I truly believe that bloggers blog for each other, I mean, I love reading other peoples posts and hope that others read mine! Next it does not make you happy because you start feeling guilty and bad and there is always that little nagging in the back of your mind, and it follows you everywhere; when your falling asleep, when your at work of school and start daydreaming, when your getting your blood drawn, because you don't want to think about that needle. (Sorry to much information but it happened) Anyway, it follows you everywhere. The last thing this affects is your blog. Blogs don't like being neglected they like being viewed for all to see. They are really some of the most shallow things........This is getting weird, sorry. The lesson is DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR BLOG!

To cut this short because let's face it, this is getting a little long I will try to post 1 Blog Dating Don't a week. Kind of a fun new feature. Okay I hope you all got a laugh out of this post as I enjoyed writing it! I promise these changes will happen, like I said in my previous "I'm Back" post it may take some time for me to get on a consistent schedule but it will happen! IT WILL! I promise. Okay I'll let you all get back to many more important things. And I need to write my review that will be posted tomorrow so come back tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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