Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Back Blog Update +(a Little Reminder List For Myself Of Things I NEED to Do Before Summer Ends)

Expect more posts!

So I'm back from my vacation and I thought I should have a little explination why I haven't blogged in a little while. So I was reading like crazy trying to finish some books to post for review the week that I was gone, which is why I didn't have anything for the previous week. So I was I got four books done and was trying to write reviews of them when I got pulled aside to help with packing and other things around the house before we left. So I thought I could post my reviews and other posts while I was there, I forgot that we don't have internet up there. It's a good 6-8 hours away and it basically consists little cabins on lakes and towns where the signs don't even have a population on them. Oh yeah, and the places there was internet you need to buy something from or I forgot the computer. So I didn't get to post anything up there.

As of today I plan to have a post every day until school starts, I'm going to try anyway. So expect posts for the next two weeks! All I'm planning to do until school starts is read, read, and read. Well, and a few other things. I'm also planning on really finally getting some where with all my blog updates that I wanted to do for so long. Every since I posted that my blog was in a slow construction phase not much has changed but there has been things. I'm slowly figuring out how to do things because as I'm sure I've said before I have barely any computer skills. So I'm really hoping to get going on that and bring you all some real noticable changes. That's really all my updates. Not too much but some stuff. So onto my list. (This is more for me so that I can keep seeing it to remind myself)

Things I Need to Do Before the End of Summer List:
  • Go to the State Fair
  • See Crazy Stupid Love
  • See Harry Potter
  • Read Read Read!
  • Look @ More Colleges
  • Find a Job
  • Blog
  • Finish my Summer Reading
  • Back to School Shopping
  • Write

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  1. Welcome back from the vacation, Kate! :D
    Right, you're about to start your senior year! Do you already know what you want to major in? I still have two years left but whenever I think of high school ending, I'm glad as hell and also scared to death.


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