Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Storm/Blizzard=Snow Day!

So in the area we live in we get about 1 snow days a year, however it should be a lot more. I cannot count the number of times we see people slipping and slidding all around going and coming from home. Basically we have to be snowed into our homes with only 1 hour notice to go out and scavange food before a bad storm. One time the whole state was closed except our city and the one next to us. Unbelievable! Anyway today there was a huge blizzrds that left us, and I'm sure many other states, with shovels in our hands trying to dig ourselves out of our driveways. There were some snow drifts that are taller than me, and I'm 5"6' and a half, just for the record. Most of the snow comes to my hip. So guess what that calls for? A SNOW DAY! YAH! Finally, the only one we've had this year, keeping our average at 1 day a year. So I've been at home, but doing school work for a big project. Hopefully I get lots of reading done later today! Happy Snow Day to everyone that had one, and Happy Reading to those who didn't. ( can still be sneaky and read during the day at school or work!)

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