Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Thoughts and Quick Overview of the week

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Overview of the Week:

So first off if there is a meme out there for something like this, I do not know about it so I'm sorry if there is. But this is a feature that I would like to have a lot more often to promote more discussion and to just get some thoughts out there that I have about books and all things book related. So if you like these please let me know so I know to continue them. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

-First this week look for a review of The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

-Second I will have a giveaway up sometime this week for some The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton swag.

-Third possibly another Random Thought and book Review, I'm not sure about what since it's a random thought but you can possibly look for those too!

Now onto the Random Thought!

So I had a little streak of reading these last two weeks, and it was great! I finished three books, which for me was great right now, since I'm still trying to get back into my reading routine. Okay I need to give a little bit of a brief background in this post (I promise it will be brief). Basically this year was full of stuff and I got really overwhelmed. (I may have had a mini teen crisis). So what happened was I was feeling pressured by so many different parts of my life that reading and blogging really took a back seat, the back road, and basically took a long trip away from me for a while. Long story short, I finally started to read again but it's still a work in progress which is kind of what inspired this random thought. So before I get off topic or babble on and on let's get to the random thought.

Mood Reading. I have definitely got back into the blogging world and visiting other blogs. I admit that it's one of my favorite, and yes a little, dorky thing to do but whatever. I don't care if my parents think I have no social life and spend all my time on the computer, okay so that's not my whole life and I love to hang out with my friends but when they are all working and I have nothing better to do other than visiting the blogger world, or check out where I can get a job, or where I'm going to college. Well, it's safe to say that I go to the blogging world. It's nice to have some time away from school and job related topics.

So anyway, I finally got back to visiting other blogs and I realized something. There are so many bloggers that basically have a review for every day of the week, or at least a post for every day of the week! I was shocked but I am really in awe of these bloggers. I have no idea how they find the time or how they are in the mood to read all these different books. It really amazes me! You see, I'm a mood reader. I read books based on how I'm feeling and what kind of book fits for me at that moment. If I'm in kind of down I don't want to read a contemporary novel, because usually those tend to be on the sadder side, example If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Don't get me wrong these books are extremely good and I love reading them but not when I'm already in a sad mood. When I'm in a sad mood I need a funny book to get me going again. If I'm angry sometimes I will read a book that's kind of angsty. Sometimes I'm in no particular mood at all but I know that I'm not in the mood for that book or that book but that book over there will work for me. It's kind of a hard concept to express in words. Basically a way I can describe it is that books are therapy. For me anyway. My bookshelf is like a therapist. It kind of "prescribes" a type of book for me to read for my mood. Okay so obviously my bookshelf doesn't write me a prescription with a book title on it and hand it to me. Based on what the book is about and what I know from other bloggers and other sites I can determine if I'm in the mood to read that book. In fact, I always bring at least two books with me everywhere and they're usually polar opposites. That's just they way I read.

So one of the things that's still in progress concerning my reading is my mood for just wanting to read. What I mean by that is I have so many books to read but I'm really not sure what I want to read. It's been hard for me to get back into reading in general and I really want a great book to kind of inspire my reading habits to go back to the way they were before. So that's one of the reasons that there may be a little bit of a lack of reviews for a while. One thing I realized is that sometimes you just have to push yourself, no matter what mood you're in, and just read a book anyway. No matter what mood you're in a good book is still a good book, even though sometimes your mood can influence how you feel about a book, a good book should make you appreciate it no matter what mood your in. So Right now that's a reading problem I'm having right now but I plan on starting at least two books this week and hopefully finish at least one! So I know my random thought was more me talking about my current book reading mood but I think that lots of people might have this same......condition that I have, being the mood reading and I just wanted to express my thoughts on it. So if you liked this post, comment and let me know what you think or if you are a mood reader. If you hated this post, let me know, with constructive criticism please, and I'll work on it for my next random thought. As always Thanks for reading and Happy Reading!

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