Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swag Giveaway plus a talk about gentlemen!

Kiki Hamilton Swag Giveaway and

I got my Drivers License!

(You can skip the first paragraph if you want to, it's all about the trip to get my drivers license)
I did actually write the whole story of why I'm first getting my license now and the story of what happened yesterday but I figured you all wouldn't really want to read that but.....there was one thing I wanted to talk about that happened yesterday involving a good looking guy and gentleman)

When I got to the DMV, after an hour of driving, I excused myself to the ladies room, which is in a different part of the building than the DMV. So when I was coming back there was a really good looking guy about to go into the DMV, so I slowed my pace a little to let him go first, so you can only imagine my shock when he opened the door moved to the side to let me through first. What a gentleman right?! Where have they all gone? So I said thank you and he said your welcome and honestly that was the highlight of my day. I'll be honest, it was great that he was really good looking and to know that not all good looking guys are arrogant jerks. But it really got me thinking, where have all these guys that open doors for women and pull out there chairs gone? I'm not asking for a guy to do that every single time I sit down or that I can't open the door myself but it's nice to have that every once in a while. My mom told me this story that one of her friends experienced about this guy that opened a door for a woman and she flipped saying "What, you think I can't open a door all by myself?" I for think that that's really ridiculous. It's not about being able to do it yourself but about courtesy and making a woman feel good. Maybe I'm old fashion, at 17, but I appreciate it and notice when I guy does that for me, and really I can't remember the last time someone has, unless you count my brother whom my mom is teaching to do that. But it really made an impression on me and reminded me about some of my favorite book guys. It was really sweet and made my heart pitter patter a little, right before my test, it also helped that this guy was really good looking. Overall I appreciate it when guys do that and I do notice it, I think it makes woman feel good. So what do you all think? Besides that I'm a little old fashion. Do you notice and appreciate it when a guy does that for you? Guys, have you ever done that for a woman and what's your perspective on the subject? (I'm just curious)


Giveaway Time!

So here's what's up for grabs:

One Winner Will Receive:
-1 Signed Postcard
-1 Postcard with the gorgeous cover
-1 Bookmark of all the Class of 2K11 who can be found here-
If there is enough interest I may add another winner but I promised Kiki that I would give some to my library :)


  • Open to the US Only (Sorry everyone else, I'm still job searching but until then postage is a little expensive)
  • Must be 13 years old to enter

  • Giveaway will run through July 1st at Midnight

  • To enter leave a comment on this post with your email address and please add your number of points to make it easier on me! (If you are uncomfortable leaving your email address still comment and just email me, at the email in my bio, letting me know that you're entered!)

Point Entries

  • +2 Points for appeasing my curiosity by answering my question/s before the giveaway

  • +3 Points for following (But is not required)

  • +3 Points for commenting on another post (leave the link please)
  • +10 for posting giveaway on your own blog (again, leave the link please)

Contest/Giveaway Policy:
Once I pick the winner, I will notify them by email. They will have 48 hours to respond to the email. If I am unable to get a response, I will draw a new winner. Also, the book will be shipped to the address designated by the winner via the US Postal Service. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items after they have been shipped.

Alright so there is my first giveaway! If you want this awesome swag get entering! Good Luck to everyone!

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  1. This giveaway is pretty awesome Kate! I'm going to have to post about it on my blog. :D


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