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Super 8 and Thor Outdoor Movie Reviews!

Anyone been to one of these? Remember these?

So I've been pretty terrible about reading this week. I've been trying to finish this book and I'm halfway, but I'm just not really into it. This is sparking a random thought that I will probably post tomorrow. Anyway, I needed to post something so I thought, why not a movie reviews, better yet why not two! So yesterday I drove an hour with my mom, brother, and a friend of mine, to go see two movies at a drive-in-movie-theater! It really is such an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go! It's so good that we're actually going again tomorrow for two Cars 2 and then the new Pirates movie. I won't bore you all with the experience unless anyone wants to know. (I'll be trying to write shorter and more to the point reviews, the key word is trying)

Review: So Super 8. This movie was decent, I didn't love it but I definitely didn't hate it either. It was a good alien movie with a some comedy from some funny pre-teen kids. The acting was good and overall the movie was decent. What I didn't really like about it was the fact that the whole half, actually basically until the end, I felt, was leading up to something so much bigger than what actually happened. Based on the beginning and throughout the movie I thought it was going to be a smaller version of War of the Worlds type thing. It was yet it wasn't. The whole alien aspect wasn't the best that I've seen but ok. Other than that I liked the acting and the comedy that was Incorporated, at least I thought there were some really funny parts. This movie would have been better for me if the end lived up to what the beginning seemed to imply, other than that it was a good movie. A little warning, I wouldn't recommend bringing younger kids or kids that are scared easily. There are some semi-scary scenes, not to bad but for younger kids probably not the best. And there's the whole zombie movie aspect which I know my younger sister, who's 11, wouldn't have liked at all. So just to let everyone know, this movie, even with the younger main characters, probably isn't for younger kids.

Review: So Thor, I actually liked this movie. I was skeptical because they had the Earth dimension and then they had Thor's dimension, which was more medieval and kind of steampunk-ish. I just wasn't sure how I would like it with both "worlds". It wasn't an issue for me at all, I liked it! I was very pleasantly surprised with the "worlds" and the movie in general. The plot, while a little predictable, was good. But what really made this movie was our main character Thor. I think I died and went to heaven and found my future husband. I just loved him! It really all came down to his personality. He wasn't the typical guys in the movies at all, really charming and a gentleman yet strong and assertive. He was always smiling and just being charming and funny. His good looks is what drew me in but minutes into the movie I just knew I was going to love this guy. And oh my goodness, when he took off his shirt I knew that I died and had gone to heaven for sure! Even though it was only once, ladies go see this movie for the scene! Now, looks aren't everything, and I need the guys in movies to have a good personality, looks just don't keep me interested. (I realize that this statement is a little hypocritical and my previous statement takes away from it but it is true.) But what a great guy! I found my match in Thor, or Chris Hemsworth. Gosh, I just love him. He was really just the perfect guy and he made the movie for me! He was just the perfect gentleman and oh so charming and a just love him! Seriously to all the woman who are reading this go and see this movie, if anything for Thor. I promise you will love him. Now back to the actual movie and not obsessing over Chris. The movie moved really fast and I felt that Thor and Jane's, Natalie Portman, relationship moved really fast. For some reason this always bothers me, I just don't think you can fall completely in love with someone in a couple days. The other thing that bothered me was then ending. Can you say "You better give us a sequel!" loud enough? I mean uhhhh, come on, you can't leave us with that ending! It was completely unsatisfying but I just wish they would have been more complete or that they will be making a sequel. It was a good movie and I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and extremely surprised with my new Hollywood crush! Did you all know that he's going to be in a new version of Snow White about this time next year? It think it's called Snow White and The Huntsman. And he's the huntsman! I cannot wait for next year! So, again, back to this movie, sorry for my distractedness. The movie was definitely a surprise and I would recommend going to see it!

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  1. I keep hearing varying reviews of Super 8. I don't know, I like alien movies, but that one doesn't really seem like one I'd like. Although, Thor is one I TOTALLY want to see. According to Lyssa, he looks excellent with his shirt off *wink*. Great reviews Kate! :D

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