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Vampire Academy Cast News on Facebook!

So it's been awhile and since I've been busy reading for school, not books that are YA blog worthy, I finally found something to blog about. (I forgot my random thought from the last post) So I'm sure that everyone has seen around the blogging world in the past few days the post that has been on facebook. (I don't have a facebook but I'm tempted with this new page!) So anyway for anyone who hasn't seen it or wants to refresh their memories here it is in exact words copied and pasted:

It’s been argued, debated, contested, opinioned, tabulated, reviewed and critiqued worldwide across the Internet, but never before have the true die-hard Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Fans spoken.

Therefore the Movie’s Producers and staff have decided it’s time to let the fans officially declare whom their favorite actors and actresses for these coveted roles should be.

On Monday, July 11th (USA), The first Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Page Casting Poll will begin. Every Monday two additional character polls will be added to the page, so be sure to check back often to guarantee that your favorites are represented!

A list of the primary character roles have been compiled by our staff from the most often mentioned and talked about actors on the OVAM FAN PAGE over the past year. In addition, the Producers have added some selections of their own to help fans think outside the box.

Some of the selections are very well known, while some are not. Be sure to take time to do some research in casting your votes. Consider not only their looks and age, but also their acting ability and past professional work. Remember that hair can be dyed, muscles built and accents created to fit any role -- but talent cannot be faked!

Lastly, while the Producers take your opinions very seriously, let us remind you that these casting results are suggestions ONLY, and in no way will determine who the future Studio and filmmakers might inevitably casts. We do hope to influence them however!

*Most of us are familiar with polls, but for those who are not please know that you can only vote ONCE for each actor. Voting twice for the same person will result in a cancelation of your vote. However, voting for numerous actors is permitted.

You can find the page here -

Now when I went to the page I was looking through a bunch of the comments and saw something that I just had to say my opinion. I'd like to start off by saying that I have only read the first book, Vampire Academy, but I LOVED it so much! I have the next three or four books so once I saw this I knew that I had to both reread Vampire Academy and start reading the other books! Anyway, what this post is about is Dimitri. Now I haven't had as much of Dimitri as some of you but I promise I love him just as much and just needed to respond to some of the comments.

If you went to the page and read, even just a few comments, you can see that a lot of people are vying for Ben Barnes to play our strong Russian Dimitri.

Ben Barnes:

(I tried to find some good and a variety of photos, just through my quick look through Goggle Pics this is what I found.)

I want to start this post by saying that I like Ben Barnes, I really do. I liked him a lot in the second Narnia movie.....I think it was Prince Caspian, anyway I really like Ben Barnes. There is nothing wrong with him, he's a good looking guy. BUT, when I saw all these comments saying "Please let Dimitri be Ben Barnes" or "Ben Barnes as Dimitri!" "Ben Barnes will make a perfect Dimitri!" All I could think when I saw this was WHAT?! Are you serious? (Remember Ben Barnes lovers for Dimitri I really like him) So if you would all let me explain why my reaction was that before hating me I'd be grateful.

When I went on the facebook page and started reading the comments I hadn't seen Ben Barnes in a long time, however I did remember vaguely what he looked liked. So one of the first things I did was go and look him up, because the Ben Barnes I remembered was not Dimitri at all. Okay so I see the vague similarities between the two, tall, dark, and handsome. Okay I personally think Dimitri is much more so, but it's a lot more than that why I can't see Ben Barnes as Dimitri at all. So I can see why people are being drawn to him but in my head I'm still thinking "Really?! Ben Barnes? Has anyone seen Prince Caspian or Dorian Gray?" The reason I say this is that in both movies he's more of a pretty boy than a tough muscular bad a$$ guy. (And yes, I know that's how Dorian Gray is supposed to be) But even while he did some butt kicking in Prince Caspian he still wasn't the bad a$$ Dimitri is. There is NO way I can ever see him as Dimitri, even if he completely buffed up and changed his style, well maybe but it will take a lot of convincing.

I know that everyone is thinking that I can't judge Ben Barnes based on the two (well three, Stardust but his role was on the smaller side) movies that I've seen him. It's still more than that. While I don't think he's a bad actor by any means I haven't seen anything super amazing from him that shows me, personally, that he could play our beloved Dimitri. Dimitri is so many things and I think he's going to be a real challenge to play for the actor that does get the role. That actor has some HUGE shoes to fill! Dimitri is completely masculine and I think that if I punched him as hard as I could that he would be a rock and basically just blink while not moving a muscle. This guy is a serious mans man! Yet he has emotions, he's passionate, protective, caring. That's a hard character to play masculine with a side of emotions, Richelle did such an amazing job creating Dimitri! There's just so much to him that I know I'm forgetting so much of what I've read and loved about him. He's so complex and needs a really strong and talented actor to play his role!

Back to Ben, I'm sorry but never would I pick Ben to play someone like Dimitri he seems like a pretty boy to me, and I'm not talking a feminine guy. His masculinity just doesn't come across to me as nearly as strong as Dimitri's. I think one of the best things about Dimitri is that he let's Rose's femininity to really shine through her hard exterior. I love a man that can make you feel feminine and protected but still let you be your own person and do your own things, and kick some ass all by yourself. Dimitri sparks all these feelings in me and comes across as that type of a man. Ben Barnes not so much. Again I just don't feel that masculinity that comes across in Dimitri so effortlessly. Ben Barnes doesn't give me those butterflies that a mans man does, that Dimitri does. (By the way a Mans man= A man who is strong and masculine; meaning he pursues, defends, conquers and rules. Rather than being a "nice" guy, he's a "good" guy - not a pushover but strong in his convictions, values and resolve. , I think that's a good definition and yes I got it online) Does that seriously sound like Dimitri or what?! Ben Barnes? I'm sorry but I just don't see it. I really like him and hope to see him in many more movies, just not Vampire Academy or at least not Dimitri, or Adrian. I haven't even gotten to him yet so I better get reading but from what I heard and until I read about him I can't see Ben playing him either.

I read someone who actually suggested an entirely new cast of actors , you know, unknown people. I actually think this might be a good idea as long as they pick people that are talented and look as well as can really be the character. I'd like to see some fresher faces, I think it's time for a new generation of actors, like Lily Collins as Clary. In the business and talented but not really well known. I'm not saying that she should be in VA but I'd like to see some newer faces and not the same ones over and over again. Overall I think that they need to keep in mind the ages and personalities of the characters and not go way over, for age, like they do so often and not sacrifice acting talent for a big name. No matter who we all want for Dimitri and Rose, and other characters, all of us can agree that these books are important to us and that we all want these movies to be a success, just like the directors and producers do. It's a big step that they're officially asking the fans to help decide and while there will be some sacrifices for us all I hope it will help make a better movie! I will try to follow this casting and movie news as best as I can and will definitely have more to say come Monday and after about the cast and movie in general!

Okay so for anyone that really wants to hate on me now, and tell me why you think I'm wrong, please do it nicely in the comments section. I'm also really curious as to what everyone thinks about this suggestion and any others too! So what do you all think?

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