Monday, July 18, 2011

Stacey Jay's Juliet Immortal

Hi everyone, as well as a random thought I will be posting later today, I wanted to quickly post about a book that I'm really excited about! And yes, this is to enter a giveaway but you all can go and enter too! So what awesome book am I talking about? Well it may have a little something to do with author Stacey Jay! So click on her name and head over to her awesome website! Still not sure what book I'm talking about? That's alright, it hasn't gotten a super amount of hype because it was supposed to come out in a few months. Now, it's coming out this next month! August 9th to be exact! Ok, ok, I won't keep you guessing anymore. The book I'm super excited about is:
I loved Romeo and Juliet when we read it in school but let's be honest, Shakespeare and I speak a littler differently. I'm not the best, by any means, at trying to understand exactly what he's saying. And I need to know exactly, not just get the idea, I'm weird like that. So, as much as I love the original play I'm so very excited for this new Romeo and Juliet with a super awesome supernatural twist, and in words I can understand without thinking! That for me makes one super novel so I'm so excited that the release date has been moved so very soon. I'm also a littler worried because with all the great books coming out I just might have to break into my bank account, and I hate doing that. So, if my short little post here didn't captivate you then head over to Stacey's website and check it out in more detail! Now another date I must add to my calender of release dates! Go add it to yours too!

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  1. I tried really hard to get this ARC. Lo and behold, it was a no go! Sigh. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out though!


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