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An Emotional Epic Journey and Era

As I was going through my daily blog check, basically going through the list of posts on my dashboard, I was seeing many posts on Harry Potter, as I'm sure we all have. Now I'm not a die-hard-fan like a lot of people, but after reading some of the posts I felt like writing up this post to make people feel a little better. I promise that at the end of this post there will be something to make you laugh and a great tribute to a wonderful series!

I need to start with being completely honest, I have only read the first 4 and a half books. I really love them but, like I said, I'm not a super die-hard HP fan. I knew about these books long before I got into reading but they weren't the books that got me into reading. In fact, I only started reading them a few years ago. So they didn't have as huge of an impact on my life as some other people, for me they are extremely good reads but not a life changing thing. That said, I love the books and the movies! So naturally it does make me a little sad that they have made the last movie, and after reading so many emotional posts I thought I needed to cheer everyone up a little.

It's taken me a while to get this post to what I feel is just right. I originally wrote about how we are all lucky to be apart of the series and to remember that. But then I felt like I sounded like one of those condescending people that are always saying things like that and you want to tell them to shut up and just let you cry. After all, everyone is so happy to have been apart of the series! One thing I did want to say though was that while the books and movies have been completed they will love on forever! The only thing that is over is that frustrating yet excited anticipating that we all had waiting for the books and movies. Harry Potter will forever live on and I wanted to commemorate that with a few points.

1.) The books and movies will always be here!
One of the first things that comes to mind is that this series, both the books and movies, are here forever. That's one of the wonderful things about books. Unlike amazing moments in real life that can only be caught if someone is lucky enough to have a camera there, we can always come back to books, to the characters and worlds that we love. They will always be there with a beautiful cover and black ink scrawled onto a page that will be there for anyone who wants to read it. It almost seems like the characters in our books are the people we can rely on most in the world. So the first point was the books are always there!

2.) What an amazing thing to say that you were apart of the experience and the journey!
So this one might be a little stupid but hey, you can tell your kids and grandkids that you were apart of the journey and experience of Harry Potter when it was happening! It's almost like the 70's, I wasn't there but I've been told those were some good times, we could go on with the 50's and the Roaring 20's. It's something that I'd love to go back and experience, especially the 20's (before the depression of course), but obviously until they figure out time travel it's something that I never will be able to experience. This is just like Harry Potter, think about it, only we can say that we were around during the time of this incredible journey! Isn't that one to tell our future children and their children!

3.) Not the end, just the completion of an epic journey, and on to the next!
So, as we will still all have our Harry Potter fix in the books and movies there are still so many Harry Potter things being made. The new theme park in Florida and I think they are making a Harry Potter museum with a lot of the original props used by our favorite characters! There are still so many parts of Harry Potter that we all need to experience. And let's not forget Pottermore! There's still so many more experiences, nooks and crannies if you will to this series and world. And Bloody Hell, I want to experience them all! (Sorry bad attempt at HP humor :) So in a way, the waiting isn't over there's still so much more that every fan now has to save up for to go and experience.

4.) Let's not forget the wonderful author J.K. Rowling is dabbling in writing again!
Now that Harry's journey with Voldemort is completed, J.K. Rowling is going to be writing new books that every Potter fan will be so excited to buy. It may not be our Harry Potter world or characters but knowing that we all fell in love with Mrs. Rowling's wonderful created world who's to say that her new books won't be a major success and even develop into classics, as Harry Potter will no doubt be, in years to come! And let's not forget the rumors that Mrs. Rowling will be writing a book, with new characters, that will be in the world of Harry Potter.

5.) This one sucks to say but well, it had to end.
Just think of how horrible it would have been if the books and movies were to have just ended because of no interest or something else. How unsatisfied would we all have been! I actually heard recently that Emma Watson was thinking about leaving Harry Potter before The Order of the Phoenix! What would have happened then! Surely they would have attempted at replacing her but most likely everyone would have hated it. And let's not forget that Mrs. Rowling started these books on a train as a single mother and had a lot of rejection before the greatest success! It's so awesome for all of us to have been apart of these books, movies, and world! All amazing things must be completed and make room for other amazing things to happen. While the books and movies are done, as I keep saying and you probably want to hit me for, we can always go back and re-experience what we fell in love with!

6.) Let's not forget all the amazing things that have come out of this series!
For many people, this series was a major part and even life changing! For some this is what them back into reading. Harry Potter has brought so many people together, even as far as marriage. This series has just been plain entertaing to keeping people going in hard times. One of the major things that regarding the movies, have brought us is a bunch of actors and actresses that we all know and will continue to know and watch for life. And lord, let's not forget that Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower, who will be playing Jace in The Mortal Instruments, got engaged and met on the set! There are so many more things that this series has brought to us fans. Fun fact, Harry Potter is the top movie series of all time, income wise and in many people's hearts. Anyway, while we all can't say that we got engaged or our beloved Harry Potter book saved us by taking a bullet for us (that ones made up and didn't happen to my knowledge). I think that absolutely everyone can say that these books and then movies played a big part of all of our lives and will continue to for the rest of our lives and beyond! (I'm thinking a petition to make the series classics?)

Well I think that I pretty much covered everything that I had to say. I just wanted to be the annoying person to say that we should all be a little sad but also so happy that we got to experience it! So I promised you something funny right? Well here's my attempt at making you all laugh, I thought these two parodies were great and I wanted to share them with you. The last video is a great tribute to this wonderful series and era! I hope you all enjoy!

These first too are parodies by The Hillywood Show

This next amazing tribute is by eeks1120 and a Devil Rabbit Production. The song is End of an Era by Oliver and the Remembralls.
(To be honest I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to download this as you will see at the beginning of this video but I did give full credit to both the creators and Erika's youtube channel)

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