Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini Challenge Six

This mini challenge is hosted by
Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing

So this last challenge is book recomending which is pretty cool because I love recomending books, and someone will finally listen to me rant about a book I love!

The first book I will be recomending is:

The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
I adore these books! I believe that these were the books that got me into YA and reading again, at the time I didn't know that there even was YA. I knew there were books that were teen based but I never knew there was such a huge industry. So thank you Meg!

Anyway to the books. This is honestly still one of my favorite series today, I love re-reading these books. The main character, Suze, just Suze no Suzie or Susana, is a great sarcastic kick a$$ character! I really don't think there is a person who couldn't like her, she's just awesome and I would love it if she were real, and we could be best friends. Oh yeah, and aside from her inital awesomness she's a mediator, I mean, who wouldn't want a friend who could see and talk to ghosts, not to mention some super hot 1800's Spanish guy named Jesse, just to be a little more specific. I mean sure you'd want to talk to your past crazy Aunt and cigar smoking Uncle but let's not forget those who died to young and hot and are now restricted to only talking to your friend, and let's hope she shares, or at least find another guy for her best bud! So not only is our main character amazingly awesome, oh did I mention her serious a$$ kicking skills. No more needing to worry about the crazy people in the world out there, alive or dead! And Jesse, ah Jesse please come and live in/ haunt my house. He is such a gentleman yet a strong mascline man. I mean, there really aren't words to describe my first and forever YA book love. But I think that describes just how amazing this guy, no man, is. My first and forever love.

Aside from Suze and Jesse there is just a huge cast of awesome characters in this series, I honestly think I love every single one. In fact let's talk bad a$$ bad guys, one name, Paul. Ah, yes, Paul my strong masculine lover.(Oh my gosh did I really just say that? I really think that I should delete that last sentence.) Ahhmm *clears throat* Back on track, yes I fell in love with Paul. *says me modestly* Funny quick story, the 5th book in this series has a different hardcover that was at my school's library and so I accidently read that one first then found out it was the 5th book. Our library didn't have the other books. Upon finding this out I saved up enough money to buy the whole series. So aside from the characters each book has a bunch of kick ass action. They are extremly entertaining and fast reads. This series can appeal to everyone! You can't go wrong with this series!

My Readathon Pile Book is:

Can't decide between two so I'm going to wait until I finish them, which will be before Friday, and then post them back here!

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