Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Back yet again (even I'm sick and tired of hearing it/ typing it)

I do realize that it’s almost been two months. Sorry to leave everyone hanging yet again. Life can get super busy at inconvenient times. While it’s not the most ideal time to start back up again, as life is still very busy and probably will be until I finally get done with college applications, I thought I might as well go for it. Now as I said, I’m still busy and will probably be pulling a typical me and not blogging for a week or more every now and then but I really miss the blogging world and reading, I haven’t been on/done both since the start of school. That’s crazy! Although I’ve seen this happen to me every year since freshman year so I guess I should have expected it. Though, this year I started school with my first job ever, which I love to death but takes up a bit of my time. So you all don’t want to hear the excuses or what’s going on in my life, here it’s all about the books. So I actually have a few read from the summer that I really need to review and I started a few books within this month so I should be good for material to review for a while. However, it all depends on how much time I have to actually sit down and write a review, which I’m sure most of you know, doesn’t exactly take ten minutes, at least not if you want a well thought out and good review. So I’m not making any promises, since my promises always seem to break, but I am vowing (isn’t that the same thing as promising?). Okay I’m going to make my best effort to at least get back into blogging. Hopefully I will have time to do a lot more soon but for right now I’ll just make an effort and see where life takes me and my books next! Happy Reading everyone!

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