Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Readathon Mini Challenge Three

So most of the readathon challenges are can be done on the hosts blog, you can find them all at Candace's Book Blog, this particular challenge requires a little writing. Just a little bit. This challenges host is Casey at The Bookish Type. So what is this challenge that we need a little bit of writing skill for? Well, we need to write a fake synopsis, it doesn't have to be about the book but the beautiful color. Have you ever wanted to write your own book and claim your own pretty cover? Well now is the chance, minus the amazing authors name on the cover, *whispers* just pretend it's not there for a little while. So here's my attempt at a synopsis, I picked a book that I love and has a beautiful cover.

A thin layer of glass separates good from evil. The evil tempt the good from the other side, the dark side Glass that can easily be cracked then and shattered. Until the world's leaders decide to cover it and separate the two worlds. Amanda never thought anything of the glass, only seen at the bottom of bodies of water and in certain, selective, other areas, until a major earthquake hits her hometown and the glass is revealed to everyone. Every road is covered in holes that reveal the forbidden glass and the creatures on the other side. While the glass isn't particularly interesting to Amanda the girl on the other side, who shares startling resemblance to her, intrigues her. At first Amanda's interest is piqued but quickly put down by her single mother who tells her to ignore the people on the other side. But Amanda can't ignore this stranger with a startling resemblance to her. Quickly the glass is being covered once again by the government, when they discover that the glass has been broken just outside of town. Amanda isn't looking for trouble but she needs to know about this conspicuous world the government is hiding and her ties to it. More importantly who is the girl on the other side and will Amanda be seduced into the evil world? And what will happen if the two worlds do collide?

So that was my attempt, I told you it wasn't going to be anything great but I tried to make it different. I went for a dystopian feel. Well I hoped you all liked it and hope it makes sense. If you haven't checked out the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins please do, it's such a good series and I'm really loving Demonglass!

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